Late night poetry/design

What happens when I can’t sleep…

corgi poem



Today’s Author prompt:

Candles flickered in the silent room as he sat down to try to meditate for the first time.

My poem “Futility”:

Flexing fingers clench and release.

Knuckles crack and shatter the silence.

Lungs’ sharp intake escapes in suppressed streams.

He strains to hear ocean waves and the water’s heart

only to feel oppressed by the intensity to reflect.


Today’s Author prompt:

As he inhaled the smell of the rosebush, the wind shifted and brought with it an entirely new smell.

My poem “Bereavement”:

It reeked of anguish.

The smell shoved past the velvety, blood-red petals,

assailing his nostrils.

It was not lovely or pleasant

but was fetid and affirmed catastrophe.