Ekphrasis (poetry)


Taken directly from Poets.org:

“Write a poem in three stanzas that is based on an image or work of art. In the first stanza, focus solely on description. In the following stanzas, take your own approach: you can continue to describe, impose a narrative on the scene, or reveal something about yourself or the artist. In revision, pay careful attention represent all of the senses in your description.”


Examples (art pieces referenced in articles in links above)

Pieter Bruegel “Landscape with the Fall of Icarus” Taken from: http://community.tncc.edu/faculty/dollieslager/images/icarus2.jpg


“Once the ambition of producing a complete and accurate description is put aside, a poem can provide new aspects for a work of visual art.”

– Alfred Corn

Quote taken from Poets.org


A picture of a shield made on the Achille’s shield concept. Taken from: https://themodernistexperiment.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/shield-of-achilles.jpg Read the full post on the link above. It gives great insight into the ekphrasis using this shield as a subject.




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