Digital painting — the basics

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Ok, so you want to start digital painting? This is what you need to know to get started…

  • Photoshop
  • A drawing tablet (ideal–a mouse will work as well)
  • Brainstorm a color palette (what colors do you want to use?)


  • Open up Photoshop.
  • Start a new document. You can press “ctrl” and “n” or click on “file” and “new.” When a pop up window appears, change…
    • “Name” to “digital painting practice”
    • “Preset” to “U.S. Paper”
    • “Size” to “Letter”
    • “Resolution” to “300 pixels/inch”


  • Select a brush from the brushes panel. If this isn’t featured, go to “window” and “brush” and “brush presets.” If you are working with a digital tablet, the pressure of the pen should help you with shading.


  • Make a color palette/shading practice. If you are coloring a face, you will want to make a color palette with flesh tones.
    • Pick a dark color from the “color” or “swatches” panel, select a…

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