Famous lines! Prompt of the day

Find an intriguing line from a book you have never read (Google is great for this), and finish the story with your own ideas.

When using the web to search for famous literature excerpts, try using key words like “famous book openings,” “best lines from literature,” “famous first lines,” or check out an earlier post of mine with a great list of my favorites. 

For example, here is a line from Auster’s City of Glass: “It was a wrong number that started it, the telephone ringing three times in the dead of night, and the voice on the other end asking for someone he was not.”

I have never read City of Glass, but I find this small piece fascinating and am left with many questions I want to answer, such as:

  1. Why was someone calling so late?
  2. What did the voice sound like? What was its tone?
  3. Who was the person the caller was looking for? Was the name familiar?

As you are exploring your own writing, remember: if the prompt contains someone else’s wording, do not include the author’s phrasing. Your writing must be entirely yours.


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