Why Your Character Is Boring

Story Life ~ David Ben-Ami


Welcome to the first post of a five part series on simple (but maybe not so obvious) tips to make our stories better.  They’ll be applicable to most of us no matter what we’re writing, though some people will find that certain posts are more relevant than others.  I also promise that the subjects won’t be ‘building tension,’ ‘realistic dialogue,’ or ‘how to write the best book ever!’

Today I’m going to start with the shortest of the topics: Writing a proactive protagonist.

If your protagonist is too far out of his or her depth for too long, they’ll be boring. Readers love a hero who can say the things they won’t and do the things they can’t.  They love a character who makes things happen, outsmarts the bad guy, achieves the impossible.  Characters accomplish this by being active, by taking charge and doing things based on their internal motivations and not just…

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