27+ Tips I Wish I’d Known About Blogging

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blogA while ago, I wrote a post about what I’d wished I’d known before I started blogging. You can read the article here; I’ll summarize the six gold nuggets I share with new bloggers:

  • only reblog 10% of someone else’s post.
  • hot links are bad.
  • it takes a long time to write a post
  • I need to be myself.
  • it’s easier than it sounds.
  • it’s harder than it sounds

I got a lot of responses to that post, with readers sharing what they wish they’d known when they started blogging as well as what they’d learned since. Which one’s resonate with you?

  1. I agonize over pushing the “publish” button.
  2. I needed more tools on how to blog. I wish I’d researched more.
  3. It’s a learning experience.
  4. Keep up a regular schedule of posts. This is the difference between 10 views and 100. Once a week minimally.
  5. I schedule my…

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